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Dive a little deeper and get to know me, and my design philosophy

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Currently at Amadeus

At Amadeus, I serve as a Senior UI/UX Designer focusing on leading design projects and enhancing user experiences in travel technology.

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Flatout Freelancing

Through my business, Flatout Websites, I freelance for a select client base, providing tailored UI/UX design solutions that cater to their unique digital needs.

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Always Learning

I am committed to continuous learning, constantly updating my skills in UI/UX design to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver cutting-edge solutions.


My design philosophy combines a passion for aesthetics with user-centric thinking and technical proficiency. I focus on crafting solutions that are as effective as they are visually appealing, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing everyday interactions with delightful and intuitive elements.

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Form Follows Function

Prioritizing clean code and functionality, I balance performance with style. My approach ensures that design serves a clear purpose, marrying efficiency and aesthetics for effective digital solutions.

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User Experience is Paramount

Focusing on intuitive and impactful user experiences, I place user needs at the core of every design. This commitment shapes my process, ensuring meaningful interactions and a seamless user journey.

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Tech Skills in Teams

Understanding technology is crucial in my collaborative team workflows. I blend technical know-how with teamwork for innovative, feasible solutions, bridging design and development effectively.

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Accessibility: Web for All

Designing inclusively, I ensure the web is accessible to everyone. By adhering to accessibility standards, my designs are user-friendly for people with diverse abilities, creating inclusive digital experiences.

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Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI to boost creativity and efficiency, I explore new resarch and design possibilities. This use of advanced technology keeps me at the forefront of design innovation, expanding creative boundaries.