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How i create beautiful, usable, and impactful digital experiences through strategic design & development

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User Interface Design

Creating intuitive user interfaces with a focus on comprehensive design systems. My UI designs blend aesthetic appeal with functional simplicity, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Crafting intuitive interfaces with scalability goes beyond the technical aspects. I believe the true mark of success lies in creating interfaces that resonate emotionally with users. By carefully considering the user's journey and incorporating elements of delight and surprise, I aim to craft interfaces that not only guide effectively but also leave a lasting impression. With years of experience, I've honed my design intuition to anticipate user needs and create interfaces that feel both intuitive and engaging.

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User Experience Strategies

Empowering digital experiences through user-centered research and strategy. I prioritize understanding user needs to craft UX designs that are not only usable but also enriching and memorable.

User understanding is not just about research; it's about empathy. I go beyond collecting data to truly understand the emotions, motivations, and pain points of your users. This deep empathy fuels my ability to craft user-centered solutions that resonate on a human level. Whether it's designing for accessibility or addressing emotional needs, I ensure your UX prioritizes both functionality and human connection.

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Design Systems

Crafting scalable design systems for consistent digital experiences. I focus on cohesive visual languages that enhance usability and brand identity, using reusable components and efficient patterns.

Building cohesive and scalable experiences extends beyond visuals; it's about creating a unified brand language. My design systems not only ensure consistency across platforms but also empower brand storytelling. Through the careful selection of fonts, colors, and imagery, I weave your brand identity into the very fabric of the user experience, reinforcing brand recognition and enhancing emotional connection.

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Front-end Development

Building dynamic web applications with Next.js and headless CMS. My development approach combines clean, maintainable code with the flexibility of modern technologies for scalable and SEO-friendly solutions.

Translating design vision into reality demands more than just writing code; it requires collaboration and understanding. I work closely with designers to ensure a seamless transition from vision to functionality. My development process prioritizes not only best practices and performance but also close communication and iterative refinement, ensuring your final product aligns perfectly with the design intent.

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Branding & Identity

Developing distinctive brand identities that stand out in the digital marketplace. I combine company values and audience insights to create visual representations that drive brand recognition and foster loyalty.

Visual storytelling for impact requires going beyond aesthetics; it's about understanding cultural nuances and emotional triggers. I delve into market trends and competitor analysis to understand what resonates with your target audience. This allows me to craft a brand identity that not only stands out but also evokes the desired emotions and behaviors, fostering deeper connections with your audience.

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Motion Graphics

Bringing stories to life with engaging motion graphics. I specialize in fluid, eye-catching animations for various applications, using the latest tools and techniques to add dynamism and value to digital experiences.

Animation with meaningful purpose requires understanding beyond visuals; it's about leveraging animation's unique ability to communicate complex ideas and evoke emotions. I collaborate with content strategists and designers to identify key messages and emotional touchpoints, then utilize animation to amplify their impact. Whether it's through humor, suspense, or heartwarming storytelling, I strive to use animation to make your message not just seen, but truly felt.

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Here's what others are saying about their experience working with me. These testimonials from clients and collaborators highlight the impact and value of our joint efforts. Read through to get a glimpse of the dedication and expertise I bring to every project.

Dave has helped build 2 versions of my website and both times has done an amazing job. He is not only a great developer/ designer but also is a great communicator, talking me through better layouts and design approaches helping me achieve a better end result. I can't speak highly enough of the work Dave has done!

Photo of Joe Woodham
Joe WoodhamDirector @ Torii Consulting

I had the pleasure of working under Dave for several years and one of his best qualities is his consistently thoughtful feedback on design. He loves his craft and is exceptional at communicating his ideas while simultaneously embracing the clients needs. He is a great asset to any team and brings a wide range of abilities to the table. His design skills, communication and openness to solving problems are all valuable traits that any employer would be lucky to have.

Photo of Dylan McLeod
Dylan McLeodUI Designer @ Origin Energy

I recently had Dave design my business logo and business cards. Having no sense of design myself I relied heavily on Dave's skills to be able to understand what I had in my head and to get it on paper. He was able to provide prompts and suggestions as well as ask the right questions to help me come to a clearer vision of what I wanted in my logo. It was then, with a lot of patience from Dave, that he was able to get the image I wanted into an actual design.

Photo of Michelle Shoebridge
Michelle ShoebridgeOwner @ Divergent Travel