Flatout Websites

A custom nextjs website built with a headless cms solution for freelancing

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  • Innovative Web Solutions: Launched a cutting-edge service offering high-performance, SEO-optimized websites using Next.js and headless CMS technologies.
  • White-Label Platform: Introduced a scalable white-label solution, enabling partners to offer custom web services under their branding effortlessly.
  • Custom CMS: Created a bespoke CMS platform that combines ease of use with extensive customization options, catering to both clients and partners.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Our sales website effectively communicates the value proposition, drawing in businesses looking for user-friendly, technically superior web solutions.
  • Market Recognition: Received positive feedback for bridging the gap in the market with a service that simplifies the process of obtaining a high-quality website, making digital advancement accessible to businesses without technical backgrounds.tbd

    The Problem

    In an era where digital presence is crucial, businesses across Australia face the challenge of creating websites that are both high-performing and SEO-friendly. Traditional CMS platforms often fall short in delivering the needed flexibility and performance, especially for those without deep technical knowledge. Additionally, there's a growing demand for scalable web solutions that can be white-labeled by partners, allowing them to offer custom website services without the overhead of development.


    • Develop next-gen, high-performance websites for businesses across Australia using Next.js and headless CMS solutions with server-side rendering.
    • Create a scalable, white-label solution for partners to brand and sell custom websites, facilitating an additional revenue stream without the technical complexities.
    • Build a custom sales website that showcases the simplicity, efficiency, and trustworthiness of Flatout Websites’ solutions to clients unfamiliar with web technologies.
    • Ensure the developed platform is easy to navigate, emphasizing a user-friendly experience that demystifies the process of owning and managing a high-quality website.
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    My Role

    As the founder and lead developer, I spearheaded the project from concept to launch. My responsibilities included conducting thorough market research, designing the UX/UI of the custom sales website, and developing a fully custom CMS tailored to our clients' and partners' needs. I focused on ensuring that our solutions not only meet the current standards for web performance and SEO but also offer an intuitive user experience for clients and partners alike. My role required a blend of technical expertise, creative design, and strategic planning to deliver a comprehensive web solution that stands out in the digital landscape.

    Strategy and Process

    • Conducted market research to identify the specific needs and preferences of Australian businesses for web performance, SEO, and user experience.
    • Selected Next.js for development due to its server-side rendering capabilities, integrating it with a headless CMS for enhanced flexibility and SEO performance.
    • Developed a fully custom CMS from scratch, designed for easy rebranding and use as a white-label solution for partners.
    • Prioritized user experience in both the sales website and CMS platform, ensuring intuitive navigation and accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds.
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    The Results

    The launch of Flatout Websites marked a significant milestone in providing next-generation web solutions tailored to the Australian market. Our custom website and CMS platform have been met with positive feedback for their performance, SEO capabilities, and user-friendly design. The white-label aspect of our service has empowered our partners to offer custom web solutions under their brand, opening up new revenue opportunities without the need for in-house technical resources.

    The success of Flatout Websites demonstrates the demand for high-quality, accessible web technologies that simplify the digital transformation journey for businesses and their partners.

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