Women's Mental Health Network

Charting a new course in digital advocacy and support for women’s mental health through innovative web solutions

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  • Rebranding Success: Successfully rebranded the Women's Mental Health Network, resulting in a modern, resonant brand identity that appeals to a broad audience.
  • Engaging, Responsive Website: Launched a user-friendly, responsive website with integrated fundraising capabilities, significantly enhancing user engagement and experience.
  • Increased Online Visibility: Through SEO and online marketing efforts, significantly increased the network's online presence, driving more traffic to the website.
  • Boosted Donations: The revamped digital platform led to a notable increase in donations, directly supporting the network's mental health initiatives.
  • Empowered Content Management: Implemented an easy-to-use CMS, enabling the network to keep the website content fresh and relevant.
  • Data-Driven Improvements: Utilized analytics and user feedback to continuously refine and improve the website and outreach strategies.
  • 48%Increase in donations
  • 75%Rise in website visits
  • 98%Growth in mobile engagement
Please note: Statistics and data are subject to change and may differ from current figures.

The Problem

The Women’s Mental Health Network faced a critical need to revitalize its online presence to better connect with its audience and support its fundraising efforts. The challenge was to create a digital platform that not only represented the network’s values and mission but also engaged and inspired action from visitors.


  • Rebrand the Women's Mental Health Network to resonate with modern audiences
  • Build an engaging, responsive website with integrated fundraising capabilities
  • Elevate online presence to increase reach and drive donations
  • Enable easy content updates and management for long-term relevance
Screenshots of a WMHNV app

My Role

In this project, my role was multifaceted, encompassing both creative and technical aspects. I was responsible for rebranding the network to resonate with a contemporary audience and for developing a new website on Wordpress that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. This involved working closely with the network's leadership to ensure that the new brand identity and website accurately reflected their vision and goals.

Strategy and Process

  • Conducted market research and audience analysis to tailor the rebranding and website redesign to the target audience's needs.
  • Redefined brand identity through workshops, introducing a modern logo, color scheme, and messaging that aligns with the network's values and mission.
  • Developed a responsive, mobile-first website focusing on UX/UI, with integrated fundraising capabilities and a strong emphasis on storytelling and content strategy.
  • Implemented SEO and digital marketing strategies to enhance online visibility, coupled with a robust content management system for easy site updates.
  • Established analytics and feedback mechanisms to monitor performance and user engagement, ensuring continuous improvement of the digital platform.
The updated logo of WMHNV

The Results

The rebranding and website redevelopment had a transformative impact on the network's outreach. It led to a notable increase in online engagement and donations, significantly enhancing the network's ability to support women's mental health initiatives. The new, modernized brand and digital presence have been instrumental in raising awareness and funds for this important cause.

Final post of WMHNV in use